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Whether you’re dreaming of an island getaway or are finally ready for the European honeymoon you’ve been promising each other for years, our experienced team of travel consultants is here to design a vacation that exceeds every one of your expectations. We offer two primary services: the basics (helping you choose where to go and making reservations at a hotel or resort you’ll love), and the blueprint (start-to-finish support to in planning every detail of your trip). Learn more about our team and how we go above and beyond to make your dream vacation a reality!

I'm Lori, your virtual tour guide.

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I founded Travel Design Loft in 2017 because I wanted to combine the large agency travel resources with boutique customer service and dedication. My job is simple: to make your life easier and ensure that your travel planning experience is (almost) as stress-free as your vacation.

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Connect with romantic getaway spots or kid-friendly resorts the whole family will love.

They say it's not about where you go, but who you bring along for the journey. Experience a new place or start a new adventure with the people you care about most. See our best destinations for connecting with your travel companions.

Indulge with far off destinations, luxury accomodations and dining to write home about.

Whether you’ve been thinking about this trip for two months or two decades, our dedicated team is here to make it a reality. From Bora Bora to the south of France, a vacation worth dreaming about isn’t as far away as you imagine.

Discover uncommon sights, unique experiences, and places you've only dreamed about.

Find some place off the beaten path and make it instantly feel like home. Perfect for travelers who already have some stamps in their passports or who are looking for a destination that will blow them away.

Adventure like never before. From day trips to daring activities, these spots have it all.

Forget about spa and beach trips - let's try something new. These destinations will take you from ATV rides in Arizona to jungle ziplines in Costa Rica. Ready for an action-packed adventure? We're here to help!

Relax in the way that feels right to you. Grab a daquiri or book a massage - you deserve it!

Take a much needed vacation from the hustle and bustle with a relaxing, stress-free getaway. These spots have everything from spas to hot springs, and are perfect for unwinding. PS - we make the planning process a breeze, too!

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Italy is Europe’s most visited country and Vatican City is the World’s smallest independent nation. There are beautiful places to see across Italy, art museums to explore, and great food and wine to consume. The best part of Italy, however, is its people. Italians want to connect. They try harder than any other Europeans. So, head to Tuscany or Florence and immerse yourself in a cooking class or a walking tour lead by locals. You will be treated like una della famiglia — one of the family and are sure to have a truly authentic Italian experience that you’ll never forget.



Palawan in the Philippines consistently ranks as the most beautiful Island in the World! And, it is just one of the whopping 7,100+ islands this destination offers. Officially called the Republic of the Philippines, this wonderland sits near the equator in the Pacific Ocean. It is known for its stunning lagoons, white sand beaches, rocky islets, towering cliffs, and glasslike waters full of marine life. Island hopping is popular here with family or friends. A planned itinerary with your specific destination goals is best for travel to the Philippines. Stay away from the bustling City of Manilla where the traffic is considered a nightmare.



Known as the “Land of Ice and Fire”, Iceland is just as known for its creeping glaciers, dazzling ice caves and frostbitten winters as it is for steaming fumaroles, warm and relaxing natural pools, and for its actively bubbling volcanoes. All of these elements combined make for a great sporting location, So, regardless of whether or not you have one day or five for action-packed adventure, you’re bound to find something you like.

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"Lori’s personal relationships plus experience knowing the industry and property we went to was definitely a huge benefit for our group! Everything went so smoothly and we had such a great time. Highly recommend for any of your travel needs!"

Hala A.

"We love using Erica’s services. She is easy to communicate with and always helpful! We recommend her to EVERYONE we know!"

Krysta S.

"In our 20+ years of domestic and international travel, Lori is THE BEST agent we have ever partnered with for our travel needs."

Sarah C.

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