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The basics

We take care of the essentials so you can sit back and relax (or gear up for an adventure!)

Do you ever wake up after an amazing dream, but can’t quite remember the details? We see this all the time with our travelers: the vision is there, but the where, when, and how are still up in the air.

The basics package is perfect for travelers who don’t need an overly detailed map of their trip, but could use a little help finding the right direction. This package includes help choosing a destination your group will love and booking your accommodations or tour package for once you get there.

Hey, sometimes the basics are the best!

What it looks like: the basics

Find the perfect place to go and the perfect place to stay!

Every destination has something to unique to offer. Whether it’s day camp for the little ones so you can get some much-needed alone time on the beach, or an all-inclusive resort to make your girls trip getaway stress-free, we take the time to get to know exactly what you’re looking for. Then, we help you choose the place that suits your wants, needs, and nice-to-haves best!

Once your pin is in the map and date is set to depart, we’ll use our resources and referral network to find you the very best place to stay. Working with our team means stretching your budget further, finding accommodations that actually look like the photos online, and getting in every last bonus, upgrade, and VIP treatment we can. With the basics taken care of for you, you can spend your time drooling over dining menus and planning your excursions for the vacation of your dreams.

The blueprint

We plan every detail to perfection to give you the custom vacation of your dreams!

Imagine traveling someplace you’ve never been, but your travel companion is a local who’s lived there their whole life. They know the best spots to eat, sights to see, and experiences you just need to fit in during your trip.

The blueprint package is a true done-for-you travel experience. With this package, we’ll be your Caribbean concierge, tour guide to Thailand, or local host in London. After working with us on a personalized consultation and preference questionnaire, we’ll plan every item on your itinerary in a way that’s completely tailored to you and your travel companions.

What it looks like: the blueprint

We get to know exactly what you love, and send you on a trip designed just for you!

Have you ever seen those commercials where everyone at the dinner table loves the mom’s home cooked meal, and the shot pans to her sneaking a box of pre-made lasagna out from the freezer? If you’ve been tasked with planning your group’s trip, the blueprint package is your secret sauce to a professionally designed itinerary that’s almost too good to believe you planned it yourself. Shhh… we won’t tell if you don’t!

Our dedicated team of travel agents is here to plan every aspect of your trip from scratch. We’ll show you how to make the most of your time there, how to stretch your budget the furthest, and how to include something for everyone in your group! Whether you’re looking for impossible-to-get show tickets, high-end dining reservations, or VIP experiences that you need an “in” to secure, our team will do everything we can to make it possible. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about what we can do for your vacation! 

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Never worry if a hotel really looks like the pictures again. We book through our preferred partners to ensure you’ll stay someplace clean, safe, and beautiful. Oh, and we’ll try to get you some added perks too!

Travel with Kids

Family vacations should be fun for everyone! We’ll help you choose a destination perfect for your whole bunch, and recommend resort day camps or special age-appropriate excursions the kids will love.

Itinerary planning

When you opt for the blueprint package, your dedicated travel agent will map out your entire trip for you. We know exactly how to plan a vacation for the perfect mix of adventure and leisure.

Cruise arrangements

Ready to set sail? Our travel advisors are cruise experts, and will happily help you select the cruise that fits your budget, travel season, group size, and vacation wish-list. Get in touch – popular cruises can book up quickly!

Dining reservations

With our blueprint package, we go the extra mile to plan every aspect of your trip, including dining reservations. We’ll recommend where to eat, when to fit in certain spots, and get you hard-to-find reservations.

Excursion booking

Whether your ten year old is dreaming of swimming with the dolphins or you’re looking for a romantic hike through Cinque Terre for your anniversary, we’ll help you check excursions and adventures off your bucket list.

Special arrangements

Want a bottle of champagne in your hotel room when you arrive? Or need an extra wide bathroom for grandma during your family reunion? No request is too extravagant – let your travel agent know!

Multi-island travel

Most popular in Hawaii, multi-island travel can be a challenge to arrange and reserve. We specialize in complex itineraries and make them simple, so you can say aloha to Maui, Oahu, and more during your trip!


Sometimes you just want to sit back and relax! Our travel advisors will help you find the perfect all-inclusive spot to relax and enjoy your time away at a vetted resort that’s safe and has everything you’re looking for.

Evening activities

From show tickets to sunset viewpoints, we want to make evenings count during your trip. Talk to your travel advisor about what nightlife and entertainment look like for your preferred destinations, and let us work our magic. 

Luggage pickup

You deserve to feel like a VIP, and we don’t want you to lift a finger during your vacation! We’re happy to arrange luggage pickup, airport transfers, and more to make your travel experience seamless from the moment vacation begins.


Depending on your destination, booking airfare can be challenging. We’ll advise you to the best time to book, airports to fly out of and into, and can even book airline tickets for you upon request. Talk to your advisor for more.

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